Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Experience the Beauty of Mozambique at Tofo Villa

There are some truly spectacular countries in Africa, and many are fast becoming popular tourist destinations. Among the most beautiful, relaxing and rewarding is Mozambique, and its accompanying islands, where you can experience genuine tranquillity lie nowhere else on the planet. Close to Tofo, a quaint village on the Inhambane Coast, is Estrella do Mar – or Star of the Sea – a magnificent and beautifully appointed private luxury villa with a beach-front situation that is perfect for either family holidays or for the most romantic of breaks for couples.

The villa is complete with a houseman who will help you with all your needs, including shopping for local produce so that you can cook your own magnificent seafood dishes, or you can choose to take a walk into Tofu itself and enjoy one of the excellent local restaurants, browse the shops or shop at the market. The beauty of this magnificent location lies just outside the door to the villa, where a private deck overlooks the white sand beach and the wonderful clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, a genuine tropical paradise that is second to none when it comes to tranquillity.

 The ocean waters are perfect for snorkelling, swimming and diving, and the coral reefs off the shore provide the perfect opportunity for watching wonderful creatures in their natural habitat, while the beach is the ideal spot for relaxing and taking in the glorious Mozambique sun. This wonderful spot is a genuine get away from it all opportunity like no other, and provides ample opportunity to experience the real side of Mozambique, the unspoilt and untouched wonder of this African gem. 

Tofo Villa is an excellent choice and with sensible rates you can be assured of value for money at this beautiful place.